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Henna Brows

Henna Brows is the new ‘must have’ treatment which is making a stir worldwide. Now you can wake up every morning with your brows perfectly in place!

Henna Brows


Henna Brows


What is Henna Brows

Henna is a natural way of creating fuller more defined brows using 100% plant ingredients with no peroxide and no preservatives.

Henna dyes the hair and skin more effectively than tint and gives a long lasting colour. It is perfect to fill in gaps and make the eyebrows look fuller.

Say goodbye to tint….hello to Henna!


How long does it last

Henna can last up to 6 weeks. There are some situations that may cause the Henna to fade, such as sunbeds, saunas, swimming and steam rooms.


Aftercare advice

No touching or rubbing the area after the treatment

Avoid make-up in the area for at least 12 hours

No saunas, steam rooms, swimming or sunbeds for 24 hours

45 mins | £28.00

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