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Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a balancing of the body’s energy to promote self-healing. It uses specific pressure techniques that are applied to the feet where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature. It relieves stress and tension and many other common ailments.

60mins | £38

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Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself. Gentle pressure and massage is used to stimulate the various points on the feet to bring about a sense of balance and relaxation. In time, reducing stress which is key in optimising good health and building resilience. 

Occasionally there may be times when it is not suitable to have a treatment for example, if you have an acute infection or undiagnosed pain.



Many people use reflexology as a means of relaxing both the mind and body and counteracting stress. It may help to cope on a physical, mental and emotional level and so encourage healing and the maintenance of health in all areas of life.

The health benefits may include its ability to improve the nerve functions, raise energy levels, increase circulation, and much more.

Helps alleviate stress and tension

Improves circulation throughout the body

Aids in the removal of toxins

Helps the body maintain a natural state of homeostasis

Encourages the immune system to work at its optimum level

Helps rejuvenate the system and increase energy levels

Breaks up the blockages affecting the flow of energy throughout the body

Relieves common aches and pains

Contributes to the overall well-being of the body, mind and soul

Promotes healthy organ function

Reflexology can not diagnose or treat specific ailments. It can in time relieve symptoms, ease pain or discomfort that have manifested themselves physically in the body. As a result of stress, trauma or disease.

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