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When is the best time to wax before my beach holiday?

strip wax treatment

Why waste those precious beach holiday moments shaving in the shower every morning? Wax beforehand and you’ll be hair-free for up to a month, giving you lots of extra time to enjoy the sea, sand and sunshine in your favourite swimsuit.

Try to book in for your appointment 48 hours before you jet off to a sunny location to give your pores times to close up and any redness to calm down (your hair will need to be about a 1/4 of an inch long so avoid shaving or epilating beforehand to allow it to reach the right length for a successful treatment). The sunnier weather in hotter climates can irritate just-waxed skin, especially around intimate areas, so it’s best to wax a couple of days in advance. Plus, salty sea water and public pools can aggravate freshly-waxed underarms, legs and bikini lines so put that breaststroke on hold until you reach your holiday destination.

Once you’re holiday starts, remember to use sunscreen! Hair-free skin that’s just been exfoliated with wax can be more prone to sunburn so slather on that SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. (Another quick tip: why not get a spray tan a day after your wax to get a golden glow the safe way?).

A sandy beach is perfect for exfoliating the skin and preventing ingrown hairs from developing so feel free to make as many sandcastles as you like on your hols. Just be sure to shower or swim off the sand at the end of the day to remove any impurities that remain on your skin.

Who doesn’t want gorgeously smooth skin on their summer holiday? Book your treatment today so you can feel carefree and confident on your annual beach holiday.

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